Approach Women With No Fear Of Rejection If you find it difficult approaching women in a bar or club you like

Approach Women With No Fear Of Rejection If you find it difficult approaching women in a bar or club you like, then it is likely that you haven’t learned an important lesson. That lesson is simply this: you need to approach women without any fear of rejection and with out pick up lines
It sounds so very deceptively simple but many guys face this problem because they are afraid that women will reject them or they are worried about all the things that could go wrong. Our minds can be great at dreaming up all the possible ways that we could fail, like Mark Twain said, “I’ve had thousands of problems in my life, most of which never really happened.”
You can overcome this irrational fear and attract or even possibly seduce a beautiful woman by learning to overcome the fear or rejection. Overcoming this fear gives a man an attractive personality.
For example, a friend of mine is able to get in the pants of  many pretty women because he does not have any fear of rejection. It’s not that he doesn’t think he will be rejected or that he is extremely good looking or rich, he just manages to block all negativity from entering his mind in the first place or dwelling on it. He just completely disregards all the negative possibilities and focuses solely on approaching and talking with women.
If you can overcome your fear of rejection, you will improve your chances of success with women. You will also need to learn how to act as if you are confident even when your knees might feel like shaking or your teeth like clattering. You need to learn to develop the ability to simply concentrate on the conversation you are having with this beautiful woman and not let any negative thoughts through that might distract you and make you feel less confident. When you are able to successfully do this, you will then be able to relax more and actually enjoy the conversation you are having with the woman of your dreams.
If you find women intimidating, work on your confidence and learn and practice to become more comfortable in approaching them. If you see a hot woman that you like, approach her – overcome the fear and approach. When you get into the habit of approaching hot women, you will quickly start to lose your nervousness and irrational fear of them.
Once you can get into the habit of approaching hot women and talking to them you will find that you have greater success with women overall where ever you meet them. Even if you find that you are only successful with these hot women once in a while you will be closer to getting rid of your fear of rejection and you will increase in experience with your approach techniques.
Start approaching women to get rid of fear and nervousness. Practice approaching women and you will become more and more confident, eventually making you a master in the art of attraction and pay attention to her eyes and dont try and impress her. Also dont use pick up lines.