Win Your Girlfriend Back

So, you have lost your girlfriend and now you want her back in your life. Whether it was your choice to end it or hers is now a moot point. The goal at hand is to determine how you are going to win back the heart of the woman you love. Impossible you think? Not at all. In fact, the following are proven ways to win your girlfriend back and get her back in your life.
Tip #1: Take Time to Recover
It may sound harsh but women find emotionally devastated men pathetic. While sensitive men appeal to them during the course of their relationship, a woman expects a man to be strong and take a breakup like a man. Although it may sound sexist, the last thing a woman finds attractive is a man holding a tissue box in his hand while begging her to come back. This isn’t macho. Therefore, take time to cry, hit a punching bag or drown your sorrows at the local pub. Whatever you choose, though, be sure to pull yourself together before making any contact with her.
Tip #2: Reflect on Your Mistakes
When looking at how to win your girlfriend back, if she broke up with you, think about the reasons she gave for walking out the door. At the time you may have been defensive, but if you want her back you need to give careful consideration to what she said. Perhaps you hung on her every word in the beginning and then ignored everything she said when trying to communicate with you as time progressed. Maybe you started spending more time with your friends than you did with her. Whatever the case, acknowledge your shortcomings and take the time to change.
Tip #3: Give Her Space
As much as you need time to reflect on the relationship, so does she. You may believe that not communicating with her is only increasing your risk of losing her for good, but this goes along with the desperation rule. If you try talking to her too soon, or talking to her too often, you are only appearing as clingy and needy. This will push her further away. When looking to win your girlfriend back, you must keep in mind that a woman’s emotions stay with them a very long time. Even though she left you, chances are she still loves you. The longer you go without contacting her, the more she will miss you.
Tip #4: Show Her You Are Happy Without Her
Even if you are miserable, pretend to be happy. Put on a fake smile, force a laugh from the bottom of your feet and pretend there is a string holding your head up high. Go places with your friends and family, maybe even take another girl to dinner and a movie. She might have believed you would be miserable without her, and once she sees you are not, she will quickly re-evaluate the situation and how she feels about you.
Tip #5: Give Her a Call
Now that some time has passed, a month or so, and you are emotionally stronger and have shown her you are confident and happy and have given her time to think, pick up the phone and give her a friendly call. Keep your voice light and the conversation casual. Ask her how things have been going and let her know what has been going on in your life too. Doing this will assure her you care and prevent her imagination from letting her believe you have found her replacement.
Tip #6: Make a Time to Talk
Time for cat and mouse is done. You have taken all the right steps so far to win your girlfriend back and now it is time to take the plunge. Tell her you still love her and want to take her out to dinner so you can talk things over. Do this in person and bring her favorite candy bar, or pick her the most beautiful flower you can find. Do something simple to show her your thoughtfulness has returned.
Tip #7: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Maybe during your discussion you told her you were sorry, but did you tell her for what? To win your girlfriend back for good you need to show her that all your earlier soul searching landed results. You need to describe in detail what you did wrong, name specific instances and lay out a plan for improvement. Doing this and giving all of these details shows her how much thought you put into your relationship…it shows how much she means to you.
Winning your girlfriend back may seem like a daunting task, and it may be a painful journey. However, following these techniques will most definitely land you back in the arms of the woman you love.