Understanding Women – What Women Want

Take a second to think about your best friend. Why is he your best friend? Probably because you guys have a lot in common; whether it is similar views or the same hobbies, whatever it is, you are best friends for a reason. When their mad, sad, happy, or react to a situation a certain way, I am willing to bet you know why. You know the cause of their actions and why they do the things they do. Not only that, but you are able to react to their emotions and have the ability to make things better. What I am trying to say is, you understand them. You spend a lot of time together, therefore, you know what they want. Can you imagine if you had this same power with women?

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Well you can have this same power with women (especially when you have a cheat sheet like this!). The point I am trying to get across here is that the more time you spend with someone, the easier it is to understand them. And that is true with anything you do. Obvious and simple I know. I would just like to get you thinking about this idea before we move on.

What do women want? There is a slight difference of what they ‘say’ they want and what they ‘actually’ want. Woman say they want a nice guy, someone who does this for them, buys them flowers, takes them out to dinner, etc. Now this is fine, but what they fail to mention is this is not very attractive when you first meet someone. If you meet a girl on Monday and buy her flowers on Wednesday, that’s going to be a little weird. Here are the top qualities I have found woman want.

Appearance. This is the first thing woman will notice about you. Woman love fashion and style. They are always keeping up with the latest trends. So show them you have some sense of style yourself. Let them know that you are confident in who you are. If you are walking around dressed like a model, but in reality you are a die hard biker dude. Women will pick up on this. So don’t try to dress like someone you’re not. Be yourself; but be your best self.

Social Skills. All women want a man of social value and who is a good communicator. She wants to be understood. Someone who she could express her feelings with and release her emotions to. Women are very emotional beings; whereas men are geared more towards a logical point of view. Improve these skills by talking to ‘all’ people whenever you have a chance. Be aware of social ques, social awkwardness, and social intelligence. For more info check out how to talk to women.

High Status Male. Being a high status male is very attractive to women. This is someone that people adore, respect, and are happy to know. Being high status is how you perceive yourself. You are a great guy, have lots to offer, and never settles for less than your worth. So hold yourself in high regard.

Humor. Making a woman laugh is crucial to every relationship. Having a good sense of humor can turn any awkward or tough situation into a great time. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Always look at the bright side of a scenario. Enjoy life and have fun. You can find humor in almost any situation.

Being A Leader. What I mean by this is being able to make decisions; not just for yourself, but for her as well. Saying things like, are you hungry? Do you want to go here? Can I kiss you? Are very unattractive. Instead make a decision. Be the Leader. Say things like, I am hungry, lets get something to eat or I’ve always wanted to go to to [this place], tag along with me. Also, rather than ask to kiss her, just go for it (of course there are signs, but more on that later). The point here is to lead. Don’t ask her what she wants to do for the day or wander if she is going to like it. Just plan something and do it. She is going to love it regardless. Because you are a leader. And that’s attractive.

Security. All females want to be taken care of. They want stability and security. This is where successful, wealthy men excel. If something were to happen, she needs to know that you will be there for her; to protect her, save her, help her, fulfill her sexual desires. Either way, she needs to know that you have her back no matter what.

Competition. I know you’ve heard this before: Everybody wants what they cant have. As you get better, you’ll be surprised how much easier it is now that you have more women in your life. Often times, women will not even notice you until another hot female is talking to you. This is why showing up at clubs/parties with women is such a great idea. Its called being pre-selected. Women trust the judgement of other women in screening men. Having women around you will make you more attractive. Plus competition creates jealousy; And being jealous means you want what someone else has.

Being Interesting. Women, in fact, I believe all people, are drawn to people of interest. Being interesting is a form of entertainment. And who doesn’t love being entertained? Being mysterious, unpredictable, spontaneous, are all ways to be more interesting. Live an interesting life. Do not reveal everything about yourself, instead let her find out by how you interact with others or the life you live. Also, just be genuinely interested in the people around you. That alone will make you more attractive.

Challenge. This may not be evident now. But the better you become with women, the more you will understand how important this is, not only to her, but to you as well. Think about this. When something becomes too easy, it tends to get boring. And beautiful women have it very easy. Men are so intimidated by their looks that they agree with her about everything. So how do we be a challenge? Start off by being your own man with your own opinions and views. Be feisty, playful, disagree with her, show her that she can actually ‘lose’ you. If she believes that she has won you over, then what is stopping her from moving on to the next guy?

Confidence. This one may be obvious. If you could make her laugh, your interesting, a challenge, and all the other traits we talked about, then naturally your are going to be confident. But being confident is so huge that it has to be listed, regardless if you portray all the other traits above. A confident man does what he wants when he wants. He doesn’t ask permission nor does he need approval from anyone else. He walks around like he owns the place, smiles at everybody, and finds the humor in embarrassing situations. Women are drawn to men that are sure of themselves.

Most guys do not have the slightest clue as to what to do around women, let alone what they want. But you are not most guys. Just being here and taking action on getting this part of your life handled already makes you above average. So the next time you are out meeting women, you might be scared and nervous, but just remember, you already know what they want. So why not give it to them?

This is just a basic guide into the minds of women. To learn more, visit our other articles and/or subscribe to get the latest and greatest on how to attract more women into your life!