Speed Dating Tips

Meeting someone can be very difficult these days, especially when there are so many different ways that you can meet a person. One of those popular ways to meet new people is speed dating. Speed dating is a great way to meet many women at one time while trying to find a great girl for you. Whether this is your first speed dating experience or it’s your second and you’re here because things didn’t go so well the first time, here are 8 great speed dating tips that will help you be the guy all the girls want at your next speed dating event.
1. What You Wear Matters
Almost every person you’ll meet during your speed dating will have spent hours trying to look their absolute best so you should do the same. You don’t have to spend hours getting ready, but it is very important that you spend sometime to pick out a quality outfit to make yourself look presentable. Do your hair and a very important one.. Shave! Nobody wants to see stubble’s on a first date, even if it’s just a for a few minutes. If you’re not so good with fashion and knowing what looks good and what does not, I’m sure you have at least one person in your life that can help you figure it out.
2. New Person, Different Questions
One of the little known speed dating tips is preparing different questions.You’re going to have many different dates coming your way and you don’t want to ask them all the same questions, that can be boring and you’ll start to feel like you are giving a job interview. Come up with different questions for every person that you meet and be creative and most of all, be fun. Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable with the questions you ask them, you don’t want them to feel as if you are interrogating them. Keep it light and comfortable.
3. Think Before You Speak
You don’t have as much time on a speed date as you do a normal date. When you are on a normal date you have probably somewhere around and hour to an hour and a half to make this other person like you and think you’re a great person. However, on speed dating you have less than 10 minutes, usually around 5, to make the other person like you. That’s not a lot of time but you want them to think you’re decent enough to go out on a second date with so think about what you are going to say about yourself. Don’t start talking about your troubles finding a job and how Susie dumped you over a month ago! Talk about the great things about you and what you believe to be some of your best qualities. Of course, don’t try to oversell yourself. Nobody likes a bragger.
4. Allow Her To Speak More Than You
One of the most important speed dating tips! You do not want to talk about yourself more than you are allowing your date to talk about her. Going on and on about yourself will make your date feel insignificant, as if you don’t care she is there, you just want to talk about yourself. So, like I mentioned before, ask good questions and LISTEN! Always listen to what your date is saying. You don’t want to go on a second date her and than be caught in a situation that shows you weren’t listening to a word she was saying on the first date.
5. Teasing is a MUST do
Teasing a woman makes her feel very giddy, that may sound strange or unusual but it’s very true. Don’t be mean, obviously, just make small remarks that will make her smile and giggle. Like telling her that you bet she’s told all the guys here how cute they are if she compliments you. Teasing is a way of flirting and flirting is how almost all relationships start.
6. Nobody Wants to a Stalker in Their Life
Don’t come off as scary or creepy and make her feel uncomfortable by asking her questions that will completely turn her off. When it comes time to give one another your phone numbers to may be have a second date, don’t ask her for her address or anything. Just ask for her number and if you call her and she doesn’t return your call it’s not the end of the world and it’s important that you don’t try to call over and over again or find out where she lives. If she calls you, she calls you and that’s great. If she doesn’t, you’ll meet someone else. As speed dating tips go this is a great one, play it cool, girls like a little mystery and okay to keep them guessing for a little while.
7. Don’t be the “Ladies Man”
There is always a guy somewhere during speed dating that tries to be cool and act like he’s hot stuff, and nothing is more of a turn off than a guy who thinks he can have anyone in the world. Be more of a gentleman rather than a ladies man, that will make you seem much more appealing. Don’t try to make your date think that she’s just another girl to get with or that you already know you’ve got her, be relaxed and just try to get to more know about her.
8. When the Time Is Up
When the time is up and it’s time for the next girl to come along, don’t just leave the table and leave her without giving her a goodbye that she’ll remember. If the timer is up while she is in the middle of saying something, don’t run off. Allow her to finish her statement. Shake her hand using both of your hands and tell her how much you enjoyed getting to know her in the short amount of time you had together. If you want a second date with a girl you really enjoyed meeting, letting her know that meeting her was a pleasure for you will really help make that happen.

Speed dating can either be very nerve racking or it can be very fun, the mood and how you feel about your experience will depend on how you present yourself to all the different women you will meet. Use the great speed dating tips above, just try to be yourself and be as calm as you can, everyone is nervous when it comes to meeting someone new but that doesn’t mean everyone lets it show! Good Luck!
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