Approaching Women – A Number’s Game?

Some people will tell you dating and approaching women is a numbers game. The more girls you approach, the more chances one of them will say yes. Right? In one way I agree with this, but in another way I strongly disagree too.
Now quantum physics tells us that if you walk back and forward into a brick wall, the wall will eventually give way and you can walk through. Not being a quantum physicist I won’t disagree about that point, but wouldn’t it be easier to use the gate and just walk through, continuing on your journey?
I see so many guys trying to walk back and forward through a brick wall when it comes to approaching women. They try the same thing over and over again with little or no luck at all. Let’s have a look at a few reasons guys seem to not have the success they want when it comes to approaching women.
Most guys aren’t flexible in communication. If you ever watch a guy who is very good with women he understands what works with one woman will not always work with another. He also notices the environment they are both in. If you are talking to a women learn to be flexible, if you are telling a story and she cuts in with something else run with it.
I don’t know why but these days nobody seems to take notice of the response from the other person when they are listening to you, they are far too busy talking. When you’re speaking to a new person, look at them; are they into what you’re saying? Are they enjoying your story? If so, amp it up a little! If they are trying to run, change it. Next time you speak with somebody look at the results your communicating is getting you.
Has somebody ever given you a compliment that you knew had not only been fake, but the only reason they said it was because they wanted something? This is the feeling every a female feels when a guy tries to compliment her just to get her to give her number to him. We will talk more about compliments, but rule of thumb is: no more than one compliment in the first meeting and please be original with it!
Where do you live? Do you live in the real world or do you live in your head? The one factor that really affects guys is when they see a beautiful girl they want to meet, then think about all the things that could go wrong if he went up to say hello. My advice for this is why not thinking about all the things that will go RIGHT when you approach her?
The last thing I would like to talk about is the obsessive mentality of some guys. They see a girl and get obsessed by her; this is a big killer. Before I go further with this point let me say, I have no problems with people obsessing over girls if they are your wife or girlfriend and it’s a mutual feeling; but to be obsessed by a girl you have known for five minutes will kill any attraction she may have had for you. Next time you see a girl you find attractive think to yourself “there are probably 100 more like her within a 10 km radius”.