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Of course every guy has experienced one time in our life when we tend to get nervous when we approach women. The fact is most men have a hard time when approaching women. There are loads of mistakes that men make when approaching women they like without even realizing it. So by learning and realizing a few of the things you do wrong when you approach a women you like, you can avoid making the same mistake again in the future.
An important fact is that just because a girl said that she is looking for someone who has a specific trait doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what she really feels. Sometimes women just say those things because they are obliged to do so, for the sake of staying within society’s guidelines.
Here are some of what guys do wrong when they first approach women:
• For a man, they have to realize that while a woman said that she prefer nice guys, this may be true but unfortunately just to a certain extent. It is really true that most women like nice guys but not to the extent that he’s too nice he comes off too soft. This is one of the most common mistakes a guy can do to women, that they are trying to look show off that they are a nice guy that it actually turns her off. As a man, you should know your limitations and you should be respectful.
• Add to the list is when men take the idea that girls like bad boys to heart. The real thing about that is, sure women like men who are pretty masculine and tough that can protect her and make her feel safe but that doesn’t she also likes a jerk. Many guys act like a jerk just to portray the bad boy like but not knowing that it’s a no no for most girls.
• The last common mistake that most men do is when you make women think that you aren’t paying attention to what she is saying. Not listening to them is probably the biggest mistake you could do that can be a huge turn off for her.
The truth is of you are genuinely interested in a woman or you really like her that much that you want everything to be perfect, try your best to be good and perfect for her and when we say about being good and perfect it means just be yourself, show her the real you because you will surely win her respect for that.
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