A Nice Guy Never Wins So a question that I get asked a lot by guys is can a nice guy actually win as we are told that nice guys always finish last

For this reason people will tell you treat them mean keep them keen, personally I disagree with this saying.
I will say this, nice guys rarely finish last, weak men who have no idea how to handle themselves around beautiful women though will always finish last.
The fact is you can still be a nice guy and have fantastic results with women, you just need to learn the difference between being nice and being a weak guy. The nice guy will have an abundance of women to choose from the weak guy will be stuck in the friendship zone with every girl he meets.
The main difference between the two is nice guy has his boundaries while the weak guy has none. When it comes to women having boundaries is a very important element to having a successful relationship. When you don’t have boundaries not only girls but everybody who comes into contact with you will walk over you why? Because you let them.
The weak guy is normally very needy a trait that all women find unattractive. He will say things like “You would never go out with a guy like me” or “I would like to take you out for dinner, I will take you anywhere you like”. On the rare occasion he does get a date he will turn up with a dozen roses, take her exactly where she wants to go, pay her compliments all night, not make a decision for the whole date then wonder why she never calls him or returns his messages. In other words you will kill any chance you have with a girl if you are the weak needy guy.
Now I know you are thinking that girls love flowers and compliments and you are correct most women do, but if you rush things with her she will see this not only as you being weak but also manipulative. It will also sends the signal to her you are desperate for her attention.
You need to learn you don’t have to impress women, leave that to the other 99% of guys who don’t know why they are not successful with women. A big turn on for most women is to take things slowly and let the passion build up.
I know becoming the nice guy who knows he does not need to impress women may take a little practice, but when you have mastered it you will have a secret weapon with women that will totally be to your advantage.
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