2 Effective Tips to Not be the Desperate Guy and Make Women Run After You

When you like a woman so much you have the tendency of showering her with too much attention that it can be so suffocating.
Newsflash to all guys out there: this is something you should avoid at all times—all times.
From the last post, you were introduced to the different signs of desperation men do that drive women away. And if you are troubled by your inability to attract women, I am betting that after reading it, you are trying your best to control your urges.
Here’s some more good news for ‘desperate men’
You are about to discover more tips and inside information on how you can stop driving women away with your actions. I will share with you some of the things you should and should not do to not come off as a desperate guy.
Surely you’d not want women to think of you as a clingy, insecure, and fraught man. That is simply so unattractive. More so, that hurts the ego.desperate guy, desperate guys, desperate men, desperate man, being desperate
What you should do to make her run after you
Tip #1
Think of yourself as royalty. Embrace the persona of a prince. Why? This is very important in making sure women don’t look at you as desperate men. One of the signs of desperation is giving women a lot of attention—all the time.
You don’t need to shower her with your attention all the time. This will get old. The worse part here is that you will look like a dog always tailing his master. Sure, girls appreciate being shown attention, but if you overdo it, they will eventually get tired of it. They will want to stay away from you because they’ll think you’re a stalker
By thinking of yourself as a Prince, you will not do the wooing because, as a prince, you have more important things to do. Although you can show women they’re appreciated by giving them some tokens like flowers and other gifts, you will not be going out of your way to be with them all the time. You’re a prince. Girls should be working on getting your attention.
Tip #2
Taking inspiration from example number 1, another thing you can do to make women run after you is to act aloof at times. This doesn’t mean you should be snobbish. Women are turned off by snobbish men because it is very un-manly.
However, being overly friendly and chatty also makes a man look like a sissy. Always bear in mind that women like masculine man. And to make them run after you, they need to see that in you.
When talking to women, you should not spill everything about you. You don’t even need to take every opportunity to talk to them. They should be the one who’s trying to find ways to talk to you. If you are a prince, you don’t need to find ways to talk to women, or keep them interested in conversations. They will do that because you are the prince—you are a catch; a good catch.
Don’t be a desperate guy. You will not be able to score points with girls with that. Be cool; be confident and make them run after you.
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