10 Week Programme Details | Learn To Approach 10 Week Programme Details

10 Week Programme Details | Learn To Approach 10 Week Programme Details
Thank you for your interest in our 10 week programme. Our 10 week programme is a fantastic entry level course that if you stay committed will produce some amazing results. Our 10 week programme has been designed with one outcome in mind; our outcome is to bring you to results that you desire when it comes to women. Some of our previous clients have booked themselves into this course because they want to get a girlfriend, some because they want to be able to walk up to a beautiful women and start a conversation while others just want to get laid more. Whatever it is for you this programme will bring you the results you are looking for.
Our Coaching: It is important to understand that we don’t work with everybody that applies to this course. We are not interested in working with somebody who really does not want to leave their comfort zone. If we both decide to work together you need to understand one very important thing, you are hiring us to bring you a result. You are not hiring us to be your new best friend. When we work with a client we will tell you the way it is and what you will need to do if you want to get to the next level. With that being said we have an incredible amount of respect for you and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your success with women, we have absolutely no respect for your stories of why you cant succeed with women.
Cost Of This Course: As we want to make this course accessible to everybody, the cost of this programme is $1499.00. If the only thing stopping you doing this course is the funds talk contact us and we may be able to work out a payment plan.
Starting Level: Our 10 week programme has no required starting level or age requirements. All we ask is that you must be committed to wanting success with women.
So there it is, the next step is to fill out the questionnaire on the next page, this will give us a better idea of where you are now. When we have received the form we will organise a time that suits you to have an half an hour no obligation call with you. This is a great opportunity to answer any of your questions and to see if this programme will be a good fit for both parties. Up until this point you will not be charged.
We are ready to bring you more success when it comes to dating and approaching women. The question is are you ready for more dating and approaching success.
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