30 Minutes A Day | Learn To Approach A great tip to improve your skills with women in the day

30 Minutes A Day | Learn To Approach A great tip to improve your skills with women in the day is to set aside half an hour a day with the mind set of approaching different women.
Now, when you are doing this just keep two things in mind:
All you are doing here is working on your skill set
You are not bothered if you get her number, or even see her again.
Something you will see by doing this exercise is how approachable women in the day really are, as long as you’re not weird or creepy of course.
Something I teach my students is start small if you are new to this on the first day you may set yourself a goal of 30 seconds of small talk, then build on it from there.
The reason this is a great exercise is it will get you more comfortable around women. Imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop and the girl of your dreams walks in, looks over at you and smiles, now most guys will freeze up because they have no experience in talking to girls in the day, you on the other hand after doing this above exercise for say 90 days, will have no problem in having a conversation with her and getting her number.
You need to understand something, you may know guys who are great with women but there was a stage when they were in the same place as you, in other words everybody started somewhere.
Now I know I am not there to give you encouragement in the beginning, or may be I am. This is something you can choose to do or choose not to do, I will assure you though if you decide to take up this challenge your success with women will totally sky rocket.
Anything’s Possible
P.S Remember small steps at the beginning and gradually build on your success’
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