5 Crucial Tips on Using Body Language to Attract Women

There are certain set of rules that govern our lives as people. These rules influence the way we behave as these standards will allow us to get rewards or punishments and affirmations or rejections based on how we acted.  If you steal something, you end up in jail; surrender something you’ve found to the rightful owner and you will certainly get a reward. The same applies in dating. You need to adhere to certain rules in order to get the woman you desire.
By now, you would have heard of tons of different how-to-date-women-effectively tips. The effectiveness of these things are relative—it would depend on how you use them—so you can’t really say that a particular tip is effective or not. You need to learn how to apply them the right way, like using body language to attract women effectively.
But if you are among those average Joes who are still clueless to what they should do and starting to grow impatient and hopeless because all you do during Saturday nights is watch reruns of old flicks, then what I am about to tell you could drastically change your life!
5 Commandments on Flirting Using Body Language
Most of the times, what we don’t say is louder than what comes out of our mouth. This is very true. If you are talking to a woman and want to take her home that night, then you will need to improve your body language skills.
Clever pick-up lines won’t work without the proper body language.
1. Flash those pearly whites
Smiling convey a lot of things: confidence, positive attitude, and friendliness among others. It also eliminates women’s fear and apprehensions of talking to a stranger like you. When you enter a bar, smile. This will get people—women—to notice you. Once you are already talking to someone, smile, and see how positively they react to you.
2. Make eye contact
Not looking into her eyes during conversation is not only a turn-off, it is also disrespectful. Look into her when she is talking, she will get the feeling that you are really interested in her. A woman likes nothing better than a man who can melt her with a sexy gaze.
3. Open your body
By this I don’t mean unbuttoning your shirt, it means you need to use your arms and open your posture. When you are flirting using body language, make her feel more comfortable by NOT crossing your arms—that is a sign of closed posture. Keep your hands on your side. Better yet, hang it on a chair or a table.
4. Move your head when talking
By nodding your head when she’s talking would tell her she has not lost you in the middle of the conversation. This will tell her that you like listening to her, and since she likes talking, she’ll continue on.
5. Give her a slight touch
To spice things up, touch her in the arm once in a while. This will fire up the tension between the two of you. But remember to time it perfectly. You don’t want her pulling away from you and think of you as a jerk who takes advantage.
If you want to be a natural Don Juan, remember to use body language to attract women. This is one of the most important things most men forget. Master these and with the help of witty pick-up lines, you will surely get the woman of your desire. You can learn more on how to meet women the right way.