2 Situations Where You Can Use Isolation Routines Properly

How can you escalate your interaction to a number or even kiss close? Through isolation routines, of course.
Isolation is effective in getting her to get away from her circle of friends and come with you somewhere more private and a lot quieter place. You may not realize it but she could be already wanting to go somewhere else with you, except that she’s too naïve to say it out loud.
Even though you’ve mastered the ability to come up to women and strike a conversation with them, it’s useless if you can’t get her all to yourself. Most probably, in most cases, ladies go to bars in packs, meaning they have their posse with them. You certainly won’t want to be flirting in front of a group unless it’s one of your wild fetishes.
Anyway, it’s important that you go for the lone wolf, or the woman sitting all alone at the bar. Why is it better to target the lone wolf? It’s obvious—you don’t have to compete with others for her attention. She’s all yours.
Now, even if the girl you like has company, you can still make her a lone wolf. You do that by using isolation routines.
As examples, here are 2 instances where you can use isolation routines properly and result to an effective close.
Disclaimer: These could happen anywhere. I just used the most common pick up place, which is the bar.
Situation # 1
You spot a hot chick across the bar (or any other place, like the grocery) but she’s with four or five friends. You walk up to her, flash your most confident and flirty smile and start a conversation.
Next thing you need to do is make sure she’s interested. We’ve already talked about how you can get her interested in what you’re saying, so this one should be easy. Remember to acknowledge the rest of her group because you need to make them feel included also. Chat with them also but give more focus on your ‘prey.’
Then, ask her to “go somewhere more private” or “a place that’s less noisy.” Once you’ve isolated her from her group, then that’s the time to make your move.
Situation # 2
Approach the group and start to talk to everyone but the one you like. You are “isolating” her by making her feel left out. Ensure that you make the other girls feel really good up to the point that the girl you like feels envious of the attention you’re giving the rest of her friends.
You should remember that you must talk to her a bit so as not to make her feel you’re not interested in her at all. Just give more attention to the rest of the girls so she’ll want more of your interest.
The logic is simple. Girls vie for the attention of a cute, confident man. If she feels the others are taking over her, she’ll feel aggressive; she’ll want her slice of the pie. She’ll try to get your attention. And when you see her trying hard to capture your attention, you’ll know the rest will come easy.
Important tip: it’s crucial to have someone, a pal, with you who could talk to the rest of the girls while you’re “isolated” with the lady you like. Bear in mind that it’s still important that you don’t make her friends feel unwanted. You’ll need their approval to some degree.
Using isolation routines is how you score with the ladies while looking like a hot prize.
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