2 Effective Ways on How to Ask a Girl on A Date

Before you can get her to bed, you need to take her out on a date. The question is can you summon up the courage to call a girl and invite her out? Do you know how to ask a girl on a date and get a “yes?”
Some men feel goose bumps whenever they have to ask a girl on a date. You’re as nervous as hell; your palms are sweatier than a guy inside a sauna; and your voice cracks more than it did when you were in puberty.
Sounds familiar? If you experience these on more than one occasion, no wonder you can’t get yourself a date. But don’t worry my friend, I am here to help you snag a date with a hot chick.
Here are the 2 of the best ways on how to ask a girl on a date:
Summon up the courage and talk to her
This is the more exciting way on how to ask a girl on date. However, this is also the method that requires more skill and charm.
Rule 1: Deal with your anxiety
Lots of guys fail to call a girl and snag a date. This is because they let their nerves get the best of them. Do you know why most guys get nervous? It’s not because they haven’t much experience in dating or the girl is too hot for them. It’s because they have NO OTHER CHOICE. They are so nervous that if this doesn’t work out, they have no one else to ask, so they try to put on their best foot forward. In doing so, they end up being too apprehensive that they sound like a desperate jerk.
How do you deal with this? Always have another choice! Have an extra number ready so that you won’t feel as desperate.
Rule 2: Don’t expect the girl to say “yes”
This is the same with rule number 1. When you are not expecting the girl to accept your invitation, you will not feel any pressure. This will allow you to be comfortable when talking to her on the phone.
Rule 3:  Don’t sound desperate
This is self-explanatory, dude.
Rule 4: Don’t ask her for a date, tag her along
“Asking” her sounds weak. You need to be cool and confident. To sound like this, tell her you are planning to spend your weekend doing this, and that she should come along (remember, do not ask) because she will enjoy it.
Too nervous to call? Use the power of writing
Asking a girl on a date via email will give you the least anxiety. Why? It is because you will be able to save face. You don’t have to deal with a vis-a-vis interaction. You don’t have to hear the answer right away, which means there is less worry on your part. You can be very confident when writing your invitation.
You can write something like, “hey, I really enjoyed our small chat last night. Would you care to grab a coffee anytime this week?”
The ideal scenario would have her replying back. But if she doesn’t, you can send a follow up email. Usually, she will reply by this time. That is when the time you hint to her that you need her number for you to get in touch. You just need to know that emailing her won’t help you make a very good impression. Calling a girl will show you have balls.
But if you really can’t get yourself to call her, settle with emails until you muster up the courage to dial her number and talk to her.
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